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Jessica RC in 2001 Nancy Nancy
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Jessi and Danielle Cengiz, Batuhan and Teoman Susan and Batuhan Teoman
Jessica and Danielle 1990 Cengiz, Batuhan and Teoman Dec 2002 Susan and Batuhan Teoman Dec 2002
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Uncle Toby Rc and Nancy 2004 Chaundra  
UncleToby on son Michaels chopper Summer 2001 (81yrs) 2004 Chaundra  
Gary Vance Louis  
Gary Roberts - Famous Speedway Reporter Photos/Vance Felicio Louis DeNonno Kart Track Apr  2002  
In 1963 I went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego California.  After graduation members of Platoon 144 went to Camp Pendleton California to finish their training.  Below is a photo from United States Marine Corps. "O" Company 2nd Battalion 2nd Infantry Training Regiment, Camp Pendleton, California, 23 September 1963.
A lot of the men in this photo, although we were really just boys at 17 and 18 years of age, went to Vietnam.  Some never returned.
1963 Camp Pendleton, California