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Australia 6

The grand old man of Australian and World Speedway, Neil Street, celebrated his 70th year of speedway involvement with a testimonial meeting at Broadford in Victoria on 3rd November 2002.
AUS021103Street1.jpg (73831 bytes) AUS021103Street2.jpg (112942 bytes)
AUS021103Street3.jpg (79001 bytes) AUS021103Street4.jpg (91087 bytes)
Gosford Speedway 2002
The annual Johnny Hoskins Trophy was held at Gosford Speedway in NSW the day after the Grand Prix (27th Oct), it was won by Danish rider John Jorgensen.
AUS-Hoskins021027-1 AUS-Hoskins021027-2
AUS-Hoskins021027-3 AUS-Hoskins021027-4
Gillman Speedway 2002
Another Aussie program, but this one folds out, quite unusual. This particular one is from last year's Australian Under 21 Championship which was held at Gillman (Adelaide) South Australia.
AUS-Gillman020302-1 AUS-Gillman020302-2
Chandler Speedway 1991
I thought you would be especially interested in the scans from a meeting way back in 1991 when a new track opened at Chandler in Brisbane, the meeting was called the Bruce Penhall IMS Cup and although Bruce didn't ride in the actual meet he did ride in a series of demonstration match races against local hot shot and former world finalist John Titman.  Bobby Schwartz also rode in this meet which was staged on April 20th 1991, the Chandler track was very unusual in that it was only 165 meters, very short by any standards but unheard of in Australia.
AUS-PenhallCup910420) AUS-PenhallCup910420
AUS-PenhallCup910420 AUS-PenhallCup910420
I want to thank Lee Morris for these programs...  Cheers, RC Jones - December, 2002